The History of Your Future
Spend two days with Rick and TeamDream in this intensive discovery of vision, and purpose experience, and you will change forever.

  • Have you ever wondered if you could change the direction of your life?
  • Have you ever felt "stuck" in your relationships, career, decisions, or focus?
  • Do you want to create a functional vision for your future that will bring effectiveness and success?

The History of Your Futureis an experience created by Rick Krug and TeamDream for the purpose of helping you to:

  • Discover and define your own vision - "a highly detailed, mental picture, of your preferable future."
  • Find the EXACT road map for your future effective success for every aspect of your life.
  • Make literally 90% less mistakes in the future.

The History of Your Future™ is a powerful experience and an opportunity for you or anyone in your organization to create focus, clarify, and become amazingly effective in every area of life.

The History of Your Future™ is not a "rah-rah" time, or a hype-session, or another set of theories of mind-games.  This experience is a two- day, hands-on, tool-giving, functional training that you create through the guidance and coaching Rick offers.

This experience is strictly limited to 30 seats.

  Upcoming Calendar for History of Your Future Events:

     January 16-17, 2015 - Atlanta, Georgia

     February, 2015 - Mexico City, Mexico

     March, 2015 - Durban, South Africa

     April, 2015 - Miami, Florida

Check back here often for more details.

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A keynote speaker can be the difference between success and boredom at any event.

Rick has years of public speaking experience. While many hope to get a "motivational speaker", Rick believes any keynote address should be a true "Action-ational Speaker" – Rick will motivate your people to real and specific action for life and business change.

Using wit, humor and deep insights, Rick will add value to your conference, event, or training sessions. Rick’s greatest skill is connecting with people to bring teaching that makes a difference. All Keynote addresses can be custom formed for your needs centering on core teachings such as:

  • Everybody Communicates, Few Connect
  • Finding Your Why
  • Becoming a REAL Leader
  • Becoming a Creatre-Preneur – and Never Looking Back
  • The Power of a Dream, Vision, Purpose and Mission
  • Systems ARE the Solutions
  • Overcoming The Fear of Change
  • Building a Team that Werks…ah, Works.

To inquire about availability for your next event, please contact Rick Here.


COACHING SERVICES - Individual and Executive Coaching

Do you believe you or your company needs to break through a barrier? Rick effectively coaches individuals and small groups to their highest potential. Using a no-holds barred and amazingly honest approach, Rick can incise to the core issues helping you reveal the thoughts, behaviors and habits you need to adjust to find incredible success.

Coaching is you, your dreams, your goals; coaching reaches deep within a person or group to find the success already present, but not yet realized. Coaching works on your strengths to bring together laser-beam like focus while removing the barriers to the future.

Armed with the belief that the answers are always within the client, Rick’s coaching will help you overcome whatever barrier is holding you back from your own dreams, vision, purpose and mission.


The first session is always free!  Contact Rick Here.



Why do more than 80% of all small business starts fail in the first five years? What makes a world class business, world class? The answer to both these questions is the same: The design of the business itself.

Rick’s expertise in successful business design offers the running head start needed for new business start-ups. If you are a new business owner, or the leader of an established business, the systems approach Rick brings is what you need for your success. Rick will help you design and implement the seven key systems of any small business.

In this economy, owning your own business can be the hedge you need to insure your financial future. No one wants to start an enterprise in fear and confusion. Contact Rick today for a free consultation on what he can do for your new or established business.



     Tombstones To Cornerstones
This One-Day Seminar is transformation, interactive, and finds the exact place where you are stuck. You will learn how "You must, your organization must…we all must experience a death to find the path to success."

This uniquely designed approach to corporate life change, personnel relationship fulfillment, and business success literally walks you through that most fearful of decisions – "How and where do I begin to fix what's broken?" – and brings the answers to full awareness.

To inquire about a free consultation, please contact TeamDream Here.