success stories

"I am not surprised by Rick's track record of tremendous success. When I turned to Rick for advice and insight on improving the effectiveness of my business, he provided input and suggestions that were quickly incorporated with immediate positive results. Rick is of the highest integrity, tireless in his pursuit of excellence, and committed to the success of his clients. His greatest strength is his genuine desire that everyone achieve their life's purpose."

Ken Pierce

"Rick is a top notch professional. He is a great listener and a convincing speaker, but more importantly he knows how to get things done. Rick is the type of guy that motivates everyone around him to go above and beyond, and strive for greatness. Rick is one of the most positive and effective leaders I know. All companies, industries, and initiatives can benefit from the leadership of Rick Krug"

Brian White
VP, The Collegiate Licensing Company

"I've known Rick for more years than I can remember. He has always held the highest level of integrity and professionalism putting others needs ahead of his own. Talk to Rick once and you'll instantly understand his passion to help others become more successful."

Kevin Hunnicutt
IT Contractor, Sage Publications

"Rick Krug is an entrepreneur, a visionary, and a risk-taker. He's always learning, always growing, always discovering new things. He is engaging and dynamic yet also personable and down-to-earth. He always makes me think, he makes me aware of new opportunities, and he challenges me to see the world in new ways."

Andy Wall, Minister
Conejo Valley Church of Christ

"Rick is a visionary and generous leader who brings passion and enthusiasm to every project he commits to. His innovation, enthusiasm and willingness to invest himself completely creates an atmosphere that encourages teamwork and generates success."

Jim Anderson
Partner, GoalBusters

"Rick is a very energetic, focused and determined partner. I've known Rick since high school where he was a great friend and competitor! Rick only gives 100% in his family and business life."

Joe Nix
Corporate Comptroller